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I am preparing a "retreat" in Colorado that has plenty of resources, and am hoping to hook up with a lady and maybe a couple or two to help discretely develop the site. Doc This posted August 15, 2006

Pa. Near Harrisburg

I am looking to join a survivalist group in Pa. Near Harrisburg or nearby surrounding areas. I am rather new to thinking of doing this. Not new to doing some survival events. I am tired of how our government is not really looking out for its own people. Lost in its own misdeeds, they forgot about what the USA was founded on. I like to think of morals and values, ethics..... something our government is forgetting about. Looking for an intelligent, like minded group, not so radical as to do stupid things, but give thought to do the right thing and still do well. Please email me. AmRose The date of this post is January 15, 2006

British Columbia, Canada

I would like to form a group of serious non-violent people who can exchange info on farming, canning, living of the land in this area. No religious groups please - just people who want to survive when the government fails. I know a good place. Things could fall apart soon - 5 to 10 years, maybe sooner. email me The date of this post is 29 July 2005


Looking to find or form a peaceful live-off-the-land survivalist group in Ohio (anyone else fitting this description, please email me). No rabid people please. I favor no particular religious or political party affiliations. NO racists or militia types. Just an organized group of peaceful survival oriented people. I am not unpatriotic, but I am alarmed with the status quo as I see things going only downhill from here (Section 215, cameras on street corners, in buses and taxicabs, clipper chips, Echelon, etc.). New to this and have been learning on my own. Would like info, free exchange of ideas and welcome any training by skilled persons. The date of this post is 30 June 2005

SWM Looking to start something

Still in the Marines, but looking to find a compatible woman, as well as other's to
start a pack. The key is to be prepared, and in number's with like minded
individuals this is exactly what we can accomplish. Not looking for bible thumping,
racist and or political radicals. Just looking for those out there who are all
about being well prepared and motivated. I have been a Marine Security Guard for the last 2 years, and attended sniper school with the German special forces. Living, or will be living in Upstate NY, in my home away from civilization. Looking to also
build up my home (fortress) so anyone with any ideas or pertinent information on
building such a home, feel free to e-mail me. posted on 18 June 2005.

Sonoma County California/Forming a group

I am a SWM, 26 living in the northern bay area looking for like minded individuals or groups that would like to combine resources and skills to prepare for any type of disaster that might lie ahead.
I want to buy a piece of property 40+ acres in possibly Idaho, Montana, Colorado or maybe another northwestern state and build a geodesic concrete dome house which is very energy efficient, affordable, and is garunteed to survive any natural disaster. Once we have our retreat established we can stock up on supplies and gear.
In the meantime we will cross train skills already aqcuired and learn new ones. I'm a very easygoing, open minded, ambitious, intelligent person who is not a bible thumper, extremist, racist or redneck. I want people to contact me who are willing to learn all survival skills and can contribute financially to the goals we will set as a group. Must be pro 2nd amendment and into firearms training .
For more info email me

Southern California

I am A 20 year old Merchant Mariner, I have working knowledge of a few civilian run government ships, I am a Engine Utilityman, a certified welder, scuba diver, and I also work on board ships as a pipe fitter and general handyman. I have a basic understanding of steam and refrigeration plant operations and have books and resources on how to operate them. I have knowledge of survival at sea for modern times but no primitive knowledge. I wanted to know if there are any Survivalist groups in the Southern California Area, if not, then relatively large ones on the western seaboard? I believe that the ways things are going now in the world - we don't have much time before something major happens, ie. WW3, nuclear holocaust, biological genocide, or the complete disintegration of the government. If you know of any groups or have any ideas on how to start a group, any help would be much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.

Southern Indiana

I am a Southern Indiana male ex-military outdoors man with some emergency medical training. Have some knowledge of edible and medicinal plants and herbs. Am looking for like minded individuals who are interested in establishing a Tri-state area group to learn how to live off the grid so to speak. Religion is not an issue unless you are pro-satanic or an pro-islamic hate based religon. If so I am sorry but you are intitled to your beliefs but I am not interested in them myself. I just want to be able to discuss the options available to those of us who just want to be able to live in the event of a sociatal breakdown. If this is what you are looking for E-mail me.

Southern Indiana

I am looking for other groups in or around southern indiana email me

Looking To Sign Up

I have been an individual for years that has believed in being self reliant. I possess many skills that can be useful and know I am fortunate to be married to a woman that has the same beliefs. Please e-mail me. Thanx!


I am ready to just drop everything and head to the mountains, and I do so (on a weekend basis now) but, I would love to make it permanent with some like-minded people. I have been looking to form or join a like minded group for some time now and it just seems to continue to be an impossibility. Researching and looking online seems to more entertaining than anything else.

I am not looking for Religious zealots, dreamers, racist, supremacist, or radical liberal whiners. It seems to me that there are many "regular" people out there who are acting and looking as individuals but not as a group. I am not a rich person but I am equiped, intellegent, skilled and ready to go. I have quite a bit of know-how and knowlege that I can bring to the table and I am ready to put in my share to the group, but I need a group first! So, what next? Let's hook up. I am more than happy to chat with you and see what we can come up with together. I live in Montana and I would love to stay in the area (MT, ID, WY, etc) but I would move anywhere that would be viable. Contact me and lets get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Dallas/North Texas

Christian 29 y/o male looking for a survival group to train with in the Dallas or north Texas area. I have some experience with woodland and urban survival and medicine. Please no wacko's. Contact me at

Northeast, New England, New York

23 year old male, living in Western Mass is looking for ANYONE (oh, with the exception of racists, or extreme religious zealots) in the Northeast (New England, plus New York) to cooperate with to create a farming community and/or a survival group in a hunter/gatherer community. Contact me

Central Florida

I am looking for form a group in Central Florida. I am Ex Army (5 years), and am currently training as an EMT. Am decent with hand to hand, better with a pistol, and good with most anything else that throws lead. I would like to put resources together and buy some land up in the GA mountain's with a stream nearby it, maybe with an old mine. I do not need the usual people applying, i.e. racists, druggies, criminals. I do want for the moderate militant's, true survivalists, and those who would like to live when the SHTF, either from nature, or the best efforts of our own government. If you are interested, drop me an E-mail at

Tulsa Oklahoma
41 Year old male looking for others interested in being prepared for survival if the system should fail. Not interested in Racist, Anti-Government or fanatical groups of any kind. Belief in God is good as long as it is down to earth and not radical. Would like to establish a safe place and store food and equipment. Also would like a local group of people to exchange ideas with. Please contact me if you have group or are interested in starting one.

Film Interviews
I am working on a show for CMT (Country Music Television) on Survivalists and Survivalist culture in the United States, exploring the motivated people (and their motivations) who ready themselves for self-reliant living - and also, perhaps a more tricky endeavor - and those who have already made that move off the societal grid.

We're looking for people to film interviews with as well as documenting preparation activities, training and any secluded domiciles that may become ones future home.

Any interested parties or affiliates of interested parties should contact me @

West Virginia
I am a recent 22 year veteran Special Operations officer....looking for like minded individuals who are interested in the survival of the hard times to come. I am NOT interested in radicals or anti government or racist. I am very knowledgeable and skilled in many different areas. Either forming a group or joining one. The date of this writing is 24 March 2004. Contact me.

North Florida, based in Tallahassee
I'm seeking to organize a survialist group for the north florida region based in Tallahassee. The group I'm seeking to form would be for all people regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. No racist or anti-government agenda. Just survivalism through preparedness. It would serve as an educational resource to provide hands on training. It's mission statement could be summed up by the childrens book the grasshopper & the ant - Prepare now or die later. You can reach me via e-mail.

I am a former marine looking for a group in missouri. e- mail me at

Las Cruces, NM area
I am looking for like minded individuals who are interested in forming a group or already have a group in the Las Cruces, NM area.
The people involved would have to be sincere, rational and sensible people who only want to survive a natural disaster or a cataclysmic event by building a shelter and stock it with supplies of food, water and medicine. Whether or not something does happen at least we will have the peace of mind knowing we have somewhere to go to protect ourselves and our families.
I am not interested in militia or patriot groups, just people who want to survive for how ever long it takes in the event something does happen. I am writing this on 2-29-2004...if you are interested or have a group I can participate with then please email me.

Anchorage ALASKA
Very down to earth, middle aged, married couple, with one child, interested in forming a group, or connecting with other 'survival minded' families... sorry, no singles, and no fanatics of any kind. After observing the 'signs,' so to speak, for the last few years, we simply feel it would now be prudent to begin preparing for a worst case scenario. We have military and medical experience.

Please e-mail us

Selling Survival Stash - Sacramento Calif.
I am too old and ill to continue worrying about survival and have gas masks, water purifiers, thousands of pistol ammo, thousands of rifle and pistol brass in most sizes, was a Survival Seminar speaker in the 60s and 70s, NRA instructor of everything, bulletcasting and reloading instructor, commercial ammo reloader and bulletcaster, Rangemaster, Police Weapons Instructor, owner of Pistol Grip Co, distributor of Saeco bulletcasting and Star reloading tools, mentor to reloaders, moderator of reloading site, list owner of a reloading tool site, seller on e-bay, State and National class competitor, author of "How To Live With And Love Your Progressive Reloader" long retired and have survival retreat in the Northern California woods but am retired near Sacramento.
email me

Northern California area
Survivalist looking to hook up with established group in the northern california area (chico/oroville and surounding areas) group. I have extensive survivalist training, and I am willing to train others in specific areas and techniques. I am a gun dealer/gunsmith , and I'm VERY WELL versed in the repair/UPGRADING of specific types of firearms. Also interested in starting a club of firearms interested individuals who have and love to shoot specific firearms ( I bet you can figure that one out on your own). I have access to LARGE amounts of private mountain properties for practice/shooting /training non-racial group.
if interested you can email me.

Western Michigan
The intentions I am not interested in are too numorous to list. I would like family groups to email me if they live in western michigan.
I am ex military and trained in too many areas to really list adequately. I am also an electrical engineer and can build an electrical base from "scratch" up. I do not want any "kooks" to email me. I do not want any "singles" to email me. I am definately family oriented. I am interested in establishing or joining a group if there is a need.

South Carolina
Our Wolf Pack ( OWP ) based in South Carolina with members in surrounding states. We know that the times are steadily getting closer to TSHTF. If you don't begin preparing soon, it may be to late to worry about it later.
We meet monthly and participate in training and events which take place around the state of SC. We are family oriented. No hardliners or extremists of any variety need come around.

Larry V. Fulmer, Jr. / wolfscout1
Newberry, S.C.

Northern VT
Christian Survivalist looking for like minded people to live and work togather and prepare for what is coming. Have 9 bedroom house in northen VT with land, need help.

email me

Northern California
Survivalist looking to join or start survival team in north eastern Californinia, or Nevada , pro-gun, pro-family , hard working american, skilled in survival, e.m.t., gardening, am preparing for hard times ahead. have lots of information to exchange with like minded individuals.

email me

This may be a slim chance, but are there any people looking to prepare for difficult times ahead in England, Scotland or Ireland? Not interested in religious bigots, supremicists or dressing up in camouflage gear, playing weekend soldier.

Western Texas
I am retired US Army, 29 years plus military service, myself, my wife, and family moving to the North Eastern New Mexico Area, sometime around the first of 2004. I am looking to join or form a group in that area to include Western Texas. No Racist, nor Extremists of any kind need even contact me. Serious enquiries only.

email me at

I live in Maryland and an trying to find a group of survivalist to camp with and share their knowledge.


Email Me
I am tired of economic and gov. BS. and would love to just drop everything and head to the mountains, but don't know if people do those things nowadays. Don't know where to even start. Can someone live off the land nowadays?
Do I have to own my own land? Please send me any information you can, thanks.


Phoenix Rising
Is a newly formed network of honest, hardworking, preparedness minded people and is looking for members, affiliates and people to share in our preparations! We seek members in the USA and Canada to establish local as well as regional training! Please e-mail us at:

looking to form or join a like minded group
I am an ex-marine, mom, writer and survivalist. I recently lost my husband in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am Pro-American, Pro-Family, Pro-Weaponizing Civilian Idealism, and all for personal responsibility. I am looking to form or join a like minded group. I have been researching online information and it is "scanty" at best.

So to make clear - NO Religious rantings or zealots - (My god - My business). No need for lazy or useless utopian dreamers. No tolerance for racist or supremacist or radical liberal whiners. Finally, I have no need for the "Me Tarzan You Jane" mentality. (I can take care of myself and my family thank you!)

I have found and researched island living, community development, the standardization of eco-living and am going along the lines of a cross between an eco-village and militant compound. Not crazy wacked out militant - but reasonable will do what is necessary militant. Island living is perfect for this cross.

If interested, involved already or just have some good advice email me at

Looking For American or Canadian Woman
Hello I am new to the survival life style but I wish to make a start with a good American or Canadian woman who is between 21 and 35. I am a 20 something first responder who wants to cover all his bases in case of disaster or attack. Must be friendly and marriage minded. No drug use will be tolerated. If you are a first responder as well that is a major plus since I plan to do nothing illegal. I wish to train build knowledge, and train with a like minded mate. So if you would like to chat and exchange pictures, please email back. Viking

Prior service now international consultant and family man. Looking to start or join group that is neutral government, religion, etc. Not looking for rednecks, good old boys, bible thumpers, racists, 'herb friendly', etc. In the planning stages for a retreat/refuge and 'safe pathway' to said refuge for when it hits the fan. Seeking individuals who can contribute, assist, or locate essential equipment, or possess a willingness to learn or train a skill(s) to others. Not a commune environment. If interested contact:

Dallas, Texas
Divorced 32yo male, no children, seeking seeking female interested in survival, homesteading, preparedness activities. Jeff

Central Virginia
We're looking for adults and families to join us in preparing for whatever the future may bring. We're just starting out but have experience, skills, and knowledge to share with others. We believe there is trength in numbers and that with preparation and planning, our chances of surviving disaster are increased. Contact us if you are interested.

South Florida
Survivalist in South Florida American patriot looking to assemble group for Life After Doomsday. All families welcome.

Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
Seeking to join a survivalist group, share resources, and network together with other like-minded individuals. Retired U.S. Marine with 25 years survival experience and many practical skills which can be shared with others. Remaining neutral politically, religiously, militarily etc. but I'm beginning to dislike our government and law enforcement behavior lately! I'm living in Southern Colorado but want to move to the NorthWest (Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming). email me.

Living In Alaska
I am a 30 year old male living in Alaska, retired early from the U.S. Army due to injuries. Wanting to meet other survival minded people within Alaska. Please email me at Jay

Want To Contact Individuals
Not wanting to buy nor sell anything. 55 yrs old retired fireman, ex Special Forces survivalist for 50 years. I want to contact individuals to discuss and trade survival info, books, videos, etc. If you are attempting to sell something do not contact me - period.

South West Kansas
We are a family of 6 that is looking to network with other people like us. We would like to be able to band together in the event something should happen to our country, leaning on each other's skills. We don't want any radicals or militias, or gung-ho religion fanatics. Religion is okay, but I don't want to be based on that. Homesteading skills are what we are looking for. We are living in southwestern Kansas, near Liberal. My husband has a good job here now, so we would like to stay in this area. We are 28 years old and our children are 8, 6, 5, & 2. It would be nice to have people that can do needlework crafts i.e. knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, quilting, weaving, spinning, etc.... My husband likes to get the forge out and work with iron. Jennifer

Lexington, Kentucky
We are a family of four looking for other survival/preparedness minded people to form a survival group near Lexington. We would pool our resources and buy property so if the need arises we can all band together, look out for one another and be self-sufficient. The ideal people would be supporters of the
2nd Amendment, pro-God (non-denominational); either know or are willing to learn such skills as farming, hunting, medical, mechanical and fighting. We are not interested in racists, supremacists or other extremists. Email us if interested.

East Texas
We're looking for like-minded adults and families to join us in learning and preparing for whatever the future may bring. We're just starting out but have experiences, skills, and knowledge to share with others. We believe there is strength in numbers and that with preparation and planning, our chances of surviving disaster are increased. No extremists, please.
Contact us if you are interested.

WA but could be moving
Young couple seeking self sufficient rural living, and hoping to help create and live a more psychologically, socially and environmentally healthy culture. Low tech for the most part - KISS principle. Would like to speak with and get tips from others. We're not hippies OR rednecks ; ) - somewhere in between. mk

Baltimore, Maryland - Canadian Contacts Needed
My roommate and I, both of us White Christian women, we are NOT radicals but open-minded to all religions except for Zionism. We don't want to get involved with any Pro-Israeli survivalists or any other Radical groups. We only want safety and peace and freedom to be who we are in a safe friendly environment. I have many survivalist skills. We are strong, healthy intelligent women looking for a group to join. Possibly one in Canada. We are currently in the Baltimore, Maryland, US area. We are planning on going up to Canada as soon as trouble starts to hit the fan here in the US. We have all our own survival gear and a car ready to go, we just need to talk with some survivalists in Canada for some tips, support and contact info. can you help us and our point us in the right direction. We want to go to a region in Canada that is mountainous and cold, snowy where radioactive air particles from possible nuclear threat to US can't harm us. Denise

The concept underlying “Harbor” is that it would be wise to have a location far away from the epicenter of any social, biological, other disturbance that might occur. Those who are wealthy invest in just such sanctuaries, far away from the potential for danger. Those of us who are not that wealthy might be well advised to pool our resources to establish a cooperative settlement that would be a haven in case world events continued on their current course.
Harbor is just that, and only that. Harbor is a group of people who are pooling our financial resources to establish a settlement that would act as refuge should world events continue to worsen. Each of us will be depositing an amount of money into a joint escrow account that may only be used to purchase land (and establish a refuge) in a rather remote (but beautiful) area in Canada. Harbor is a group of people who are buying land in a safe place, just in case.
People joining in this effort are requested to be tolerant of religious and political preferences. However, peaceful people of all religions are welcome as long as they do not intend to use our efforts to further a
religious, political or other public purpose. For information please see our website at...

Former Military Special Operations and current International Consultant, now family man, seeking like minded individuals, non bible thumping, racist, military radicals, with a desire and interest to be self sufficient. Not a commune environment. Looking to create a retreat for when it hits the fan. If interested, contact

Lake Texoma/South Central Oklahoma
40s, 50s, 60s active adults & families interested in planning for mutual disasters and emergencies, either natural or manmade, who want to share survival information and skills. We are an educated non-centralized group with diverse skills and backgrounds interested in people with skills in, wildlife management, carpentry, agriculture, animal husbandry, primitive physical plant design & construction, medicine, nursing, education, economics, communication, diplomacy, etc.
NO militia, survivalist radicals, dopers, alcoholics, gloom and doomers, or religious fanatics; those with strong religious beliefs should contact their ministers to join those groups.
Preparedness Etiology: the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the part of the Federal Government concerned with the welfare of citizens of the United States, has documented and stated on The Learning Channel, Discovery, Discovery Civilization, and others, that the U.S. does not have a survival plan for the general populace.
This was demonstrated by 9/11, the following biological Anthrax attacks, and the recent threat of smallpox. When a National disaster (another 9/11, natural disaster, civil/religious disorders, chemical or biological attacks) hits the U.S., FEMA has a survival plan prepared for a select number of government official and private citizens.
Safe havens and hidden retreats whose maps and directions are marked TOP SECRET means the rest of the citizenry will have to fend for themselves. Should the need arise, group planning and implementation will assure group survival, pre and post emergency-disaster.

Alaska or northern states
I am a 28 year old widowed Christian mom of a 5 year old who does not think that our way of life will last too long. I was raised in the woods of Northern Idaho and can do many things. I am looking for a group in Alaska or northern states in whom I can make contact with. TJ

Preparedness Group OKC Area
I am interested in finding a preparedness group in the OKC area. I am looking for compatible people to join, or start a group (NO nuts, racists (any kind), Funddies, or militia types) or just start a buying club so we can get volume discounts on equipment and supplies, and share skills. Except as previously noted, I am willing to work with anyone, young, old, single, married, straight, same sex couples - all I ask is that you resemble sane (or my kind of crazy) and have an interest in and ability to DO something. Just starting out, that's okay too. Dennis the Menace

Southeastern Michigan (St. Clair, Lapeer, Sanilac, Macomb counties)
Small survivalist group looking to have new people join our team. No religious, militia, anti-government fanatics please. We are a Christian, and patriotic group with serious doubts about the future. If you are interested please e-mail me.
You will be interviewed, and your membership in the group will be voted on by existing members. No experience is needed, but the more skills you can bring to the team the better. Families welcome.

Looking to Join or Form a Survivalist Group outside the Wichita Kansas Area. Non-Denominational, we are all children of our "Father", here to help each other with the resources we each posess. Are you prepared for the coming pole shift? Time is short, visit for info on "pole shift" and related topics, Survival PS (post shift) depends on planning & resources of multi-task nature of a group to become self dependent for Power (electricity) and food production - contact me

Oklahoma survivalist family
Oklahoma survivalist family seeking women and family's (no single men) to possibly found a group with us. We are already as prepared as we can be and are offering others a chance to build homes or join ours without having to work offsite again. (We have our own private funding and don't need anyone to work if they don't want to).
We are wanting to build a true survival community, not a loony bin. Just helping on working the land and so on is all that is asked Nathan

Information Request
Info welcome. Many thanks Barbara

Texas or Idaho
I am looking to correspond with like minded people from Texas or Idaho who are interested in surviving the future whatever it might have in store I am family oriented and believe in God and country. email me

Looking to join a survival group
I'm looking to join a survival group of very intelligent and skilled people that are not military radicals, and posess a strong belief in god and country that could use somebody such as I who can fix most anything and hunt and fish and do carpentry work as well!
I'm not happy about where the system is heading and how the satanic groups are popping up everywhere.
I'm looking to find people like me who can put my skills to use - after all god put us here to look out for one another not hamper one another!! If interested email me

Living Off The Land
I am looking for a place where my family and I can go live off the land away from the terrorist BS, away from all the other crud that is out there. I am very new at this and have NO idea where to even start, so if you can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

Arizona Contact
The present global socio-economic-industrial infrastructure is utterly dependent on cheap, abundant oil. At last years consumption rate, and the most optimistic estimates of remaining recoverable and useable supply, there is 30 to 40 years supply remaining. But logically, before the last drop is consumed, oil will be neither cheap or abundant, and the infrastructure upon which most of the 6+ billion depends will fail. Prior to that failure, humanity needs as many truly sustainable communities as can possibly be established.
Wanted, contact with others interested in avoiding the worst of the coming collapse, and preparing for a sustainable paradigm. Ron in Yuma

Las Vegas NEVADA
Hi, we are a family living in Las Vegas, Nevada looking for like minded individuals to form a survival group in case it all goes south. We are spiritualists, not dedicated to any one religion, but are open minded and willing to listen to any opinion. We would love to hear from anyone regarding this subject and share any information as well as plan for survival. J.S.

Vancouver Washington
WM. 50+ versed in subsistence and "hunter gatherer" lifestyle seeking a like minded woman, and children are great. Am non wacko, nor "new ager". Am a good cook, I can, preserve meat, do some farming and wood working, along with many crafts. I hunt and fish only for the food it provides, taking only what I need, and preserving all excess for later use. I am not interested in land at this time, as I intend to build a motorized houseboat and live on the water. I would enjoy hearing from others interested in like subjects. Rusty

N. Colo and S.E. Wyo
My name is Marc. I live in Cheyenne, Wyo. I am searching for sincere persons and groups in N. Colo and S.E. Wyo. to network /co-op. e-mail me at

Washington State
Former special operator, now family man looking to build, create a like minded group of individuals, families, who believe in self reliance. Non-racist, non bible thumper, no wacked out survivalist types need respond. Just looking to meet others with same mind set to establish a safe haven to fall back to when it hits the fan. If interested, contact

Basic Emergency Area Response Squad (BEARS) - Rhode Island
Mission Statement: form a squad to train, equip and prepare for any disaster, both natural and man made. Our goal is to provide safety and protection for our unit and families. Survival and Freedom are not guaranteed, but, if we are equipped and trained we have a fighting chance. We are a NON-POLITICAL / NON-PROFIT group based in Rhode Island, organized by two former army. Need individuals from all walks of life. EXTREMISTS AND FUNDAMENTALISTS NEED NOT APPLY. For info email:

France or Quebec
Would form (or join) survival group in France or Quebec, (down to earth) good moral values, millitant, loyalty, mutual aid and combat ready. Strong willed women okay. Far and wide reaching natural catastrophies are a matter of time. The faster the preparedness the better.. the clock is ticking. Please contact Lewis.

German Survivalists is Germany's number one in survivalism and preparedness web
sites. We have about 190 members in our group around europe.
We run a CMS to archivate all the survival related information. Everybody is
welcome to join our group...germany's biggest survival forum.

Indiana & Illinois
The Indiana Illinois Chapter of Live Free has been conducting responsible
survival preparedness education programs for over 40 years. We have a seminar
scheduled for Crown Point Indian this October 12th and a major event at
Tippicanoe River State Park Indiana next April 26th. We also train and
certify instructors.

NorthStar Preparedness
We envision an organization of like-minded people working together to promote readiness and leadership. We also envision a structure that has an information network and plans established to support the rapid deployment of personnel in the event of cataclysmic events in each of the 50 states and Canada.

Our desire is to provide a forum and an organization that teaches preparedness and develops leaders and citizens that are prepared and can assume authority positions in the event of crisis be it natural disaster or man-made.

Visit our website at:

Suzanne Settle
XO, NorthStar Preparedness

"Fear conscripts its own armies, takes its own prisoners."

South Central Kentucky

Looking for other survival-preparedness minded individuals to network and work with in the Bowling Green- Glasgow- Tompkinsville area. Want to be ready for New Madrid to all circumstances.
If interested

WM seeking WF for survivalist contact and talk, exchange of idea's.

I am a Viet Nam Vet looking for a groups or individual survivalists in Louisiana.
--Email me

Canadian prairie
Survivalist group looking for new members... we are pro-gun, christian, traditional, conservative, pro-animals, and very outdoors oriented. We believe in preparing ourselves and our families for the rise of the world government of the anti-christ. When the day comes where we are faced with life or death we want to be well prepared for our complex militaristic operations against the unholy and anyone who opposes the purging of evil. We practice during week-long trips into the wilderness (2 men to a tent). PLEASE NO WOMEN OR FAMILIES NEED APPLY! We will protect you, but this club is for men only. for more information


South Tejas
Former spec-op operator and family looking for like minded people. Already established a group but
can always use new members and their skills. Those without skill but willing to learn are welcome.
Drop and e-mail to with a brief description of your abilities and current gear. All
e-mails kept confidential. References available to those requiring. Would like to keep group small
but good. I will respond to all e-mail.

Los Angeles, CA
Interested in joining a group of rational people who have contingency plans for survival in the event of disaster/war. I don't believe that you must change your life or spend a lot of money to survive.

Battle Creek/Kalamazoo area in SW Michigan
We are a cohesive moral Christian oriented group with a base of military veterans and their families who are looking for a few additional family oriented members. We have a strong belief in self sufficiency, survival and emergency preparedness and defense and morals.
If you would like to network with us or pool information, contact me at

I am a family man looking to join a group in Dalton ga. area - Iwant to protect my family.--Ron

Single Christian lady, in 30's, seeks a Christian man aged 40 to 50's, with post-trib beliefs, who would like to homestead in Kentucky! Must be marriage & family minded. Please tell me your age, where you live, about yourself & lets share photos.--Anna

Queensland, AUSTRALIA
I am looking for like-minded family's to form a survival group in Queensland Australia to consider our options. We are not interested in fanatics of any sort , just tolerant intelligent family's with a view to social camping whilst trying to see if we can work together as a group and for a plan ahead Terry

North Western Washington
Would like to connect with like minded people in North Western Washington for the purpose of forming a cohesive mutual support group with an emphasis on survival and living off the grid.
There are three core members in our current group. One is a Viet-nam combat veteran and musician, single and Christians. The other is a science teacher with excellent firearms skills, single, athiest. I am a Viet-nam veteran, former Police Officer and Emergency Medical Technician, married with 3 children ages 8 (twins) and 26, and am a Christian. I was raised in Montana and hunted most of my life.
We would like to connect with a property owner to form a safe bugout retreat. As you can see from our discriptions, we are a varied group. We do not tolerate bigotry or intolerance.
If you own a substantial piece of property in Western Washington, we would like to discuss an arrangement.

Eagle Scout and former military looking to quickly form a low-profile group of survivalists in Washington interested in purchasing property / remote compound to retreat to in the coming hard times and pool our skills. This group would be self-sufficient and survival minded people that strongly support the 2nd Amendment and are pro-God (non-denominational but no athiests please) people that know (or willing to learn) how to farm, hunt, shoot, medical and computer skills, mechanical repair and fighting skills wanted. I am good at self defense, hunting, cooking, and mechanical repair. Not interested in racists, supremacists or other extremists. email me

I am a 41 year old male living in New Hampshire. I have visited Montana several times, loved the state and am looking for information on joining a survivalist group in Montana. RW

South Florida
Family Oriented Outdoor Training

Thinking of getting together a group of people for some outdoor/survival training this summer. I was thinking of something the whole family couild do. Initially, we could meet at at a park (such as Markham Park in Broward county) and discuss the format. Basically, I want to make it fun, something where the kids can learn that being outside can be fun. Each meeting could start with only a few topics such as shelter and fire building, then the next meeting would be navigation/orienteering and edible foods etc. Every so often, or as a grand finale we could practice these skills in the Big Cypress National preserve, where the terrain is anything from a pleasant hiking experience in a pineland atmosphere to swamp up to your chest. If you are looking for something to teach your kids that they will always remember, something that is valuable and builds self confidence then try teaching them primitive survival skills? Frankly, letting your kids (or yourself) grow up to be nothing but a suburban techno-weenie will lead to a serious character flaw if times were to ever get rough. If this sounds interesting, email me

Nice, Texan, home schooling family looking for nice American families who believe in being prepared for anything! My family will share great hunting property with others who won't wait for government to take care of them. Join our club now! You can't wait till tragedy finds you then look for a hill to run to. For any emergency you must plan and act ahead. We could do it by ourself but some others would make life more enjoyable and a little easier. If interested contact me by e-mail ASAP.

Canandaigua, NY area
I am interested in finding people in the Canandaigua, NY area. I would be interested in being contacted by email. CB

starting survivalist group in Sacramento
Starting a survivalist group here in Sacramento, California for those people who are serious about survival. Part of Live Free International. The Survivalist

SE Florida Survival/Primitive skills group
Anyone interested in getting together to practice the gentle art of survival, both primitive and urban, please send me a message. Note this is not a gung-ho commando style get together. I advocate common-sense hands-on survival (urban) practice and learn primitive survival (Everglades) skills. This can be done at a park where the entire family can get together and for those who are REALLY serious we can go out to the glades and really hone our skills to the point where we would begin to call all of the local reptiles (gators) "Fido" and teach-em to fetch. Parents, now's your chance to stop your kids from turning into namby-pamby electronic wimps. After the intial complaining they will come-away with a total appreciation of the outdoors as well as a self-confidence that cannot be obtained from a classroom or any simulator. If interested, send me a message, but don't expect an instant reply because unlike some people, I DO spend most of my free time in the woods!Please email

Southern Indiana
Wanting to form a survivalist group in Southern Indiana. Non-rascist, Pro-God (please no atheists..) email me - we'll talk. Don't know much about survival YET, but am a quick study.

I am looking for a group of survivalists located in Ohio. Please feel free to contact me with any information.

I am thinking of starting a group of survivalists in either central/southern Vermont or Montana.  This group would be self-sufficient and have a strong belief in defense and the Second Amendment.  I need people with equipment, building materials, finances (or financial know-how) - and we need property.  +/- 100 acres.  If you have or want info please email.  Thanks.The Founder

Pro Gun Pro USA
I am pro gun, pro usa. Looking for a group who are common sense down to earth folks. Who want America to get back to what it once was. Our morals are on the decline as is our goverment's. Survival to me is more a state of mind than it is a state of preparedness. However I think I am equipped well I have spent most of my life on ranches from Colorado to Washington state I grew up hunting, fishing, trapping, tracking, living in the tall and uncut. I have no fears about me or my family in any given situation. So if you would like to visit please contact me at

Dallas Texas
38 yr old former USN looking for a group to join who are Pro-Gun, Non-Racist, Pro-Family, Pro-Constitution. I personally dont have much in the way of survival training. Have a little I learned in the Navy and Army Rotc in college. I want to learn more. A lot more. Dont want any of the liberal mindset involved. Religion doesnt make any difference to me as I think what we do with the religion is up to us. We need to stick together for the common good of the group and the country. My mind set is along the lines of an author I have been reading. If you know what the Ashes series is then you know how I think. I agree with everything. David

Grunts Outdoors
Two former Marines ( me and a buddy-- the buddy is a former DI ) want to get up a group of Military grunts  in North Carolina who  Like Backpacking and rapelling.  We want guys in pretty good shape who don't mind  hiking along the edge of high cliffs  and who know how to take care of themselves outdoors.   I'm thinking of  the Rockjock trail in Linville Gorge  around April: Tommy is thinking of  a hump-Hike ( el gain 2000 ft. ) in Kilmer wilderness in Jan 2001. Bob Underwood

Forming A Group
Forming a group in southwestern Connecticut looking for adults who are interested in surviving Y2K or any disaster. Looking for people who would like to join a group. No rascists please. Must be from Connecticut. Email me if you are interested

Washington State
My email is I am based in Houston TX but plan on moving to North Washington on some property I own. I am looking for people of all ages, ethnicity, and gender. My home phone can be obtained by mailing me. If someone is interested all they have to do is mail me. 

Thanks Alan 

I am a ex military and trained in all types of survival areas from wild edibles ,food prep, all type shelters and water care and purifying  safety (9) ways and other areas of interested write me for more info I will help anyone with like interest. WSFBAF

Gainesville, Fl
Newly forming, low profile, preparedness group seeking members. Family oriented, all skills and abilities will be considered. Serious inquiries only! Pro-god, Pro-family, Pro-gun and Pro-constitution. Together we can prepare and prosper in the coming hard times, alone, you will feed the wolves ! Email Me

Alberta, Canada
I'm part of a small survival group preparing for more than Y2K.... Would like to correspond with like minded individuals or groups for the purpose of sharing information. Kohain's Survival Site:  Kohain

Reaford, Fayettville, NC
I am looking for a group to correspond with, communicate with, or join.  I have some survival and military training. e-mail me at GNRN249@AOL.COM


Kansas City
I am looking for a survivalist group in and around K C MO that I can join or communicate with in these uncertain times. 


North Florida, Tallahassee Area
I am looking for survivalists in the North Florida, Tallahassee area, to network with. I am also looking to network with true American Patriots that do not have a "second Confederacy" agenda. People of all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds. 


Boise, Idaho Area
swm, 24 years old looking for a "no-BS" type of organization. Singles, group, or militia org. welcome to contact me about the impending suspension of our way of life. Pro-gun, Pro-militia and ready to do what is necessary. Cowards need not apply. 

Email Me

Looking for Ozark allies. non Christian; they are nice ppl, but I see a lot of options for them already. I don't wanna waste energy arguing cosmology. Well hidden site, beyond the elec & phonelines with solar power. ( bad land, good water, dense woods. two buildings, totaling 2500 sq brown

Central/Upstate New York
The Christian Survivalist Association central/upstate New York a network of christians helping christians
in long term survival planning. We're facing some hard times and tribulations.Carolyn

survivalist email group
Looking for a network of survivalist who can inform each other of invents via email.James

southwestern Va., southeastern kentucky, or southeastern west virginia
Looking for born again people ,preferably a family who has property out of  the way .  I am married with two daughters, we have no property but we have a lot of food.  Would like to covenent with you will help with taxes up-keep and food. I am a R.N    I  am good at hunting, fishing, gardening, canning and preserving.  We live in   HOPEWELL,Va. looking for a place in southwestern Va., southestern kentucky, or southeastern west virginia to retreat when the time comes ,when we will have to

Davenport Iowa
22 y/o male looking for an already formed group or just a few survivalist minded people to train and communicate with. No racist or militia members please also no radicals or junkies or alcholics please contact me

Upstate New York
Would like to form or be part of a survival group/network.  Non-hatred, non-rascist and non-militia.  Just people with similar interests in being prepared for any upcoming disasters.  SOme survival knowledge, but would like to share and learn more.Michael

Idaho - Boise Area
Looking to form a group of singles, that understand that we are on the edge of a crisis that will require a great effort just to surivive. The single should have a view of looking for a permanent mate, to help them to survive. Based in Idaho, at the present time and have mountain property here, and in Colorado. We have no Racial Hatred, nor do we have a hard core Religious stance. We believe that the lose of a sense of community in this country, is what we as a group try to

North Hollywood, CA
We're a small (3 people) group of "archaic survivalists", seeking people who wish to survive any upheaval, and don't believe that guns or the latest high-tech gadgets are the best way to do it. Interested people should contact us at ( for more information.Email Us

Kalamazoo County - southwest Michigan area
Christian, new to survival, looking for individuals to form a group. All replies welcome and will be kept confidential.Mike

SW Washington/N Idaho
Looking for like-minded people who are worried about upcoming events. Pro Jesus, Pro Guns, Pro USA, Not a race hater or militant zealot just a man who thinks people should ban together and help one another. Because I believe our govt. will not be there when we need them! Would like to talk to people in SW Washington or north Idaho.Pete Merriam

Looking for any local groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   We are looking for a conservative group of couples to trade ideas and meet with regarding their concerns.Texan

Alberta Canada
Hi,I would like to know certain groups down there in case something does happen in the New Year.  I am in northern Alberta and would like to make contacts in both the south and north.  Hope to hear from you,Larry Harvey

Former Army (12B), Navy (ASR) and experienced framer and family. Is looking to join or start a survivalist group in Minnesota or upper Midwest. Comprised of realists whom are worried about taking care of their families in the case of a major emergency. We are not interested in supremacists, antigovernment or any other

I am a younger (22) male looking for others willing to train with firearms, practise survival techniques. Not interested in racism, gun fanaticism, or relocating. I am simply looking for other realistically minded

I am interested in starting a Miami group to discuss y2k issues and possibly forming a survival family. Alone we are vunerable in numbers we are strong. I am not anti goverment I am a realist and belive that we will need to help ourselves in the up comming months. if you feel the same email me we'll talk.

Looking for non-militia oriented survival group in the state of Michigan or any other realist with the same goal in mind.
E-mail  confidentiality info assured.

survivalist in Jackson area
I am looking for others in the Jackson,Ms area that believe that we are indeed headed for a crisis in y2k. please dont tell me that my family and I are

We are a group (loose gathering?) of prepared/ing individuals seeking to make contact with other individuals in the Melbourne area for the purposes of identifying common rendezvous points/safe havens & bugout scenarios. We are not trying to establish a community, just communication & common goals. We will have a website up within the next week.... in the meantime email: